How do I register on FightBack?
Registration on FightBack can be done through FightBack's web portal:

The registration process includes just a few simple steps:

Enter your personal information
Your personal information includes your name, TechM LAN ID and E-mail ID, Mobile no. (Of the device you want to register), DOB, Blood Group and Telephone no. You also need to decide on an appropriate Password which will be used every time you sign in to FightBack.

Enter Company Information
In this field you need to enumerate the details of your company including your company's Name and Location. Further, you are required to specify the name of your Department and Reporting Manager.

Enter Address Information
Here you need to disclose your complete residential address.

Enter Next of Kin Information
In this field you need to provide Name, Contact No. and Relation with the kin you want to intimate in case of emergency or panic situation.

Check your email
Lastly, you should check your email for a registration email from FightBack and follow the instructions in the email to activate your account and complete the registration process.
Can I provide a non TechM e-mail id?
No, you cannot register using a non TechM e-mail id.
Where do I download the mobile application from?
For easy accisibility we have made this app available on almost all app stores and people even can download from the web portal.
Download from App Store
  • Open the App Store on your mobile device.
  • Search for FightBack-TM.
  • Touch Install.
  • Touch Accept after reviewing the app's permissions.

Download from FightBack Web Portal
  • Open FightBack's web portal: www.fightbackmobile.in
  • Select the OS of your Device.
  • Enter your login credentials.
  • A download link is sent to you on your e-mail address.
Which OS does the Mobile Application support?
FightBack supports all major mobile OS including:
  • Android - V 2.1 onwards
  • Blackberry - V 4.6.1, V 4.7, V 5.0, V 6.0, V 7.0
  • iPhone - V 4.3 onwards
  • Windows - V7.0, V8.0
How many emergency contact nos. can I provide?
You can configure up to 5 emergency contact nos. They will be notified with your location details if you use the SOS alert feature.
What are the prerequisites for using the application on mobile device?
FightBack works best when Data Connection and GPS are enabled. However, user can raise alerts even when these services are unavailable.
  • If Data Connectivity is disabled while raising the alert, SMSs will be sent to the Agent at regular intervals intimating him about the user's location details.
  • If GPS of device is disabled while raising the alert, an SOS alert will be raised without the location details.
How do I update my Profile? Or How can I change my login credentials?
You can update your profile on FightBack's web portal www.fightbackmobile.in. First you need to login through your existing ID and password and then click on Edit Profile to bring about changes in your existing profile.
How will my personal information be used?
Your personal information will be stored in encrypted format in the backend server database. Further, transfer of data between web portal and backend server is via a secure channel. We ensure that your personal details are safe and are not misused by an intruder.
I forgot my password, what should I do?
If you forget your password, you can reset it by selecting the link Forgot your password? On top right corner of the web portal, following which, you need to enter your email id and mobile no. An email will be sent to you on your mail id specifying your new password.
What is an SOS alert?
SOS is a panic alert raised after the push button is pressed so that registered employees can seek FightBack assistance in case of emergency or panic situation.
How do I raise an alert?
You can raise an SOS alert either by pushing the [fB] button on the application home page or by pushing the power button thrice (Only for Android devices).

GPS device users can raise the alert by simply pressing the push button on device for 3 seconds.
How do I use the power button to raise alerts?
Android users can raise the alert by pushing the power button thrice.
How do I switch ON and OFF the GPS device?
You can switch ON the device by implementing following steps:

Device OFF -> Press the SOS button->Device is ON (Known as Sleep Mode/ Heart Beat Mode) ->Press the SOS button again (hold for at-least 3 sec or count 1, 2, 3, 4) ->Device turned to SOS mode

There is no option to turn off the device. From FightBack server device can be put into Sleep mode.
How do I know if battery is low on GPS device and it needs to recharge?
You will receive SMS alert asking to recharge your device battery, on your registered mobile number if the battery goes to a low level of 30%.

If the device with low battery is not recharged and the battery is reduced to 10%, you will receive SMS alert with critical low battery.

Once GPS Device battery is fully charged, it can work for 24 hours in sleep mode and 4 hours in SOS mode.
How will my relatives/friends be intimated about an emergency?
After you press the push button, the alert is received at the Fightback backend Server, which sends an SMS indicting your panic situation along with your location details to all the emergency numbers specified by you during the registration process.

There is no SMS cost to you and it is borne by Tech Mahindra.
How can I view my previous alerts?
You can view your previous alerts by clicking the My Alerts tab on the web portal. My Alerts page displays the status of your alerts along with their time of creation and the location at which these alerts were raised. It also specifies the action taken by the CMC Agent on the alert before closing it in the system.
What happens after pressing the push button?
After the user presses the push button, an SOS alert will be triggered. Alert takes 5 seconds before being fired (giving user a chance to cancel it in an instance of accidental push). If alert is a genuine one, following steps are performed:
  • Application sends SOS to the server and starts recording surrounding voices.
  • User Alert information is displayed to Agent with location details overlaid on MAP.
  • The server will send messages to the user's kin configured in the profile along with her location details. Server can also push this alert to her Facebook wall (provided she has allowed it on her profile).
  • Agent will reach out to the user to get more details on the incident.
  • Appropriate response service through 108 (Police/ Ambulance) will be dispatched on site for assistance.
18 What is backend preparedness in case of an emergency?
Following actions will be performed after the backend receives an alert:
  • Actions by CMC (Crisis Management Centre) Agent:
    • Receive the alert on his Dashboard. He will accept it to check User alert details and Location Details on MAP.
    • Reach out to the user to get more details on the incident and requirement on medical assistance.
    • Call 108 services to decide on dispatching the Ambulance.
    • Call Local Corporate Services personnel to inform about the incident and provide necessary details.
    • Follow up on each incident and update the details on actions taken for reporting purpose.
  • Actions by CS (Corporate Services) Personnel:
    • Coordinate the whole activity and ensure timely help is provided to victim.
    • Seek help from Local Police Stations based on severity of the case.
    • Update CMC Agent with necessary details on incident and help close the ticket in system.
  • Actions by 108 (GVK EMRI) Personnel:
    • Receive SOS alert details from FB Server. Location details of the alert will be plotted on his console using Google Map along with nearest Police Station details based on existing database.
    • Inform the case details to nearest police station for immediate help through PCRs.
    • Interact with Tech M CMC Agent to decide on Ambulance dispatch within 5 minutes of receiving alert.
    • Follow up on the case with Police/ Ambulance Provider and update to Tech M CMC Agent on the actions taken and support provided.
  • Actions by Local Police/ PCRs:
    • Based on the incident details received from 108 Agent/ CS Personnel, Police Personnel/ PCR Vans dispatched to the location of victim to provide necessary support and legal support.
  • Actions by Ambulance Provider:
    • Based on the incident details received from 108 Agent, reach to the incident location within 15-20 minutes and handle the medical situation.
I pressed the push button accidentally, what should I do?
Users must ensure that the device/application is used cautiously. However, in case the button is pushed accidentally, mobile application users can cancel the alert at their end by using the Cancel SOS option which is displayed after the alert is raised. This will stop sending the location details to backend server.

On GPS Device there is no way to cancel the alert once it is initiated.

As soon as the CMC Agent is prompted with the alert, he will try reaching out to the user to confirm whether alert is genuine or not. Users can inform the Agent about the false alert which will eventually help us closing the request.

Once Agent closed the request from Backend, the GPS Device will automatically go back to sleep mode.
Why can't I raise an alert even though I have cancelled my previous alert?
You cannot raise another alert until your previous alert has been closed by the Agent who monitors requests on the backend server. The Agent has to act upon all the open requests in the system and has to close them in specified timeframe after necessary help has been provided to the user. This ensures that we furnish continuous and effective services for our users.
What will happen if Data Connectivity is disabled while raising alert?
If Data Connectivity is disabled while raising the alert, Application will use SMS service on mobile phone to send alerts to the backend server at regular intervals intimating him about the user's location details. On receiving the SMS, Agent will execute same steps which are followed when a regular SOS alert is raised. However, for sending SMSs, application utilizes the user's mobile balance, thus, it is required that the user's account has a minimum balance from which SMS charges can be deducted.
What will happen if the GPS is disabled while raising alert?
If GPS of device is disabled while raising the alert, an SOS alert will still be prompted without the location details. This would help the Agent and user's relatives in identifying that the user is in a crisis situation and require immediate help.
How do I notify my friends through Facebook?
FightBack gives a provision of posting the alert on your Facebook wall. You can enable this facility by signing in to FightBack's web portal. Here you can organize your Facebook account settings under the Add/Edit Facebook Settings tab.
What are rescue/evacuation time estimates? Or How quickly can I expect aid/support after SOS alert has been raised?
108 Emergency Response Service has proven response time of 18-20 minutes for Ambulance Support.
I'm going to change my device, what should I do?
If you are about to change your device, you must update us so that we can disconnect your account from your previous device. This can be done by logging in to the FightBack's web portal and selecting the change device tab.
What do I do if my phone is lost or stolen?
In case of loss or theft of your mobile device, you must disconnect your account from your previous device by logging in to our web portal and selecting Change Device tab. This is important so that no one else can misuse your device by raising false alerts. Furthermore, for using the application on your new mobile phone, you will have to download the application again (you can sign in using your previous login credentials).

If the GPS device is stolen or lost, please immediately report the same to your local HR SPOC and also send an email to support@fightbackmobile.in
How many hours should I charge the GPS device?
It is based on the remaining capacity of the battery. If the device is in full discharged condition it requires maximum 3.5 hrs. User can get battery charging status on the FB server. Charging status will be indicated as 1, 2, 3.....8 or 9. Here 9 indicates completely charged device.
How will I know if the GPS Device is fully charged?
No visual indication. You can get battery status on the FB server if the device is in sleep mode in the range of 1 to 9.
Can I put the device inside my bag or should I keep it outside along with my mobile for better signal?
You can put the device inside your bag; there will not be any problem. If the area is having GSM network issue then keeping outside also will not help much.
Can I take this device where ever I go outside my city/state/ country?
You can use the device anywhere within India, but not outside the country. Device's SIM card is registered for India only. It has been defined at corporate level.
Is the device water resistant? Can I swim carrying this?
Yes it's water resistant. It can resist small drizzle or rain. But the device would falter if exposed to excessive water. This feature is not available in devices provided for pilot launch. The feature will be available in devices provided at full launch.
Is the GPS Device fall resistant?
Yes, the devices provided in full launch will be fall resistant. This feature is not available in devices provided for pilot launch.
Is the device heat and electro-magnetic resistant?
Yes, the enclosure is based on ABS material similar to our mobile devices, so it will resist. Coming to electro-magnetic, soft electromagnetic field will not affect but if any strong field (like MRI / Magnetic chamber etc.) / GSM jammer area; it will behave similar to our mobile devices. It may not connect to the network.
How do I know if my device is working or not?
Normally it will be in a sleep condition and communicate with the server at periodic intervals until SOS button is pressed, so server knows the battery status always. Also if the device is in ON condition, the LED will glow continuously. In sleep mode GREEN LED & in SOS mode RED LED blinks. If it is found that no LED glows it means the device needs charging.
Where can I provide my feedback?
You can render your valuable feedback by specifying your email id and feedback at the bottom of the page of FightBack's website.
Where do I go if I have additional queries?
For additional queries you can mail us at support@fightbackmobile.in